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Kali Jeeri Organic 500 Gm


Kali Jeeri offers an outstanding remedy for roundworms, tapeworms and threadworms. Although it boosts appetite, its bitter taste may induce nausea in some taste-sensitive people. Kalijiri also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and boosts hair growth.

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PH Organic Kali Jeeri

A Traditional herb with many health advantages, PH organic Kali Jeeri is used in Ayurvedic therapy. Other names for it include Centratherum Anthelminticum, Bitter Cumin, and Kalijiri. PH Kali Jeeri is a member of the Asteraceae family and is indigenous to India and Southeast Asia. A tiny, dark, crescent-shaped PH Kali Jeeri resembles black cumin or caraway seeds. It smells strongly of sulfur and has a mildly bitter flavor. The seed’s medicinal properties result from various active ingredients, including alkaloids, flavonoids, and essential oils



Usage of PH Organic Kali Jeeri

PH Kali Jeeri can be consumed in various forms, such as:



PH Kali Jeeri powder can be consumed with water or mixed with food. Drinking PH Kali Jeeri powder after meals is advisable to aid digestion.



PH Kali Jeeri pills are sold in the market and should be taken with water. Depending on the person’s needs, a daily dosage of one or two capsules is advised.

PH Kali Jeeri pills should be taken after meals to promote digestion.



The seeds can be boiled in water to make PH Kali Jeeri tea. Take one to two teaspoons of PH Kali Jeeri seeds and boil them in two glasses of water to make the decoction. Boil the combination until it has been cut in half. Drink the warm concoction after straining it. One to two cups per day are the suggested dosage.



After roasting, the PH Kali Jeeri seeds can be ground into a fine powder and consumed in small quantities as a spice in cooking. PH Kali Jeeri powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine to add flavor and aroma to dishes.



Benefits of Using

  • The digestive qualities of PH Kali jeeri are widely recognized. It assists in the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices, facilitating food breakdown and nutrient absorption. This aids stomach improvement and guards against indigestion, bloating, and other digestive disorders.


  • Additionally thought to strengthen the defense system is PH Kali Jeeri. Numerous antioxidants found in it aid in defending the body against free radicals and reactive stress. In turn, this aids in strengthening the immune system, lowering the chance of infections, and enhancing general heal


  • It is thought that PH Kali Jeeri has anti-diabetic effects. It assists in controlling blood sugar levels and avoiding blood sugar surges. This may help with managing diabetes and avoiding its consequences.


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Kali Jeeri Organic 500 Gm