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Dal Chinni Organic 100 Gm


Dalchini or Cinnamon is an aromatic spice obtained from the bark of several trees of the Cinnamon genus. The nutritional properties, flavour, aroma, and taste of the spice make it an interesting addition to food, alcohol and traditional medicine, thus varying the uses of Dalchini. Additionally, Dalchini is a highly beneficial supplement for the skin and hair and offers a wide range of health benefits.

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PH Organic Dalchini

Cinnamon is a kitchen spice most frequently used in baking and curries. Because of its flavour, which gives both spicy and sweet foods additional depth and richness, Dalchini is commonly used in cooking. These Ceylon cinnamon quills are an excellent addition to any kitchen cabinet because they are neatly packaged, immaculate, and expertly rolled.

Calcium, iron, and protein are abundant in organic cinnamon/Dalchini. In addition to these nutrients, PH Organic Dalchini also has dietary fibre, potassium, and several other nutrients. There are no trans fats or cholesterol in a 100g serving of organic dalchini. With Organic Dalchini by Organic Tattva, you may give your cuisine a flavourful, nutritious touch.

For the therapy of indigestion and the common cold, it maintains a particular position in Ayurveda. Cinnamon occasionally helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar. The pain from arthritis is also reduced by using PH Organic Dalchini.

PH Organic Dalchini’s Health Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory compounds present in cinnamon may help lower your chance of developing disease. Antioxidants protect your body from oxidative carried on by free radicals. Cinnamon contains large amounts of highly potent polyphenol antioxidants.


  • A lower risk of heart disease has been associated with cinnamon. Another study discovered that could PH Organic Dalchini lower fat and total cholesterol levels, risk factors for heart disease. Blood pressure, lipids, and saturated fat are three major risk factors for heart disease that cinnamon may lower.


  • According to studies, cinnamon may be effective in reducing insulin resistance.PH Organic Dalchini can lower blood sugar levels and help better blood sugar control by boosting insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon has been shown to significantly increase insulin sensitivity, which may enhance blood sugar regulation.


  • Many studies have been done on cinnamon’s potential to be used in the treatment and prevention of cancer. It appears to be harmful to cancer cells, leading to cell death, and works by reducing the growth of cancer cells and the growth of blood vessels in tumours. Thus, PH Organic Dalchini helps in protecting from several diseases.


  • One of the primary active ingredients in cinnamon may be effective against several types of infection. PH Organic Dalchini Antimicrobial effects may help stop tooth decay and lessen foul breath.


  • According to several studies, consuming PH Organic Dalchini daily for three months can reduce your systolic blood pressure by as much as five points.


  • Salmonella, E. coli, and staph are just a few of the bacteria killed by PH Organic Dalchini. It might be utilized as a natural preservative in cosmetics and food products.


  • The fungus Candida albicans, the primary cause of vaginal yeast infections, appears responsive to killing by PH Organic Dalchini. For six months, polycystic ovarian syndrome patients experienced more regular periods while taking cinnamon daily.


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Dal Chinni Organic 100 Gm