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Cordyceps Sinesis Extract 50g | 10:1 Ratio

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PH cordyceps Sinesis Extract Powder 50g 10% | Immune-Boosting Powerhouse for Energy, Stamina | All-Natural Supplement for Optimal Vitality.

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Cordyceps Sinesis Extract Powder benefits
This item: Cordyceps Sinesis Extract 50g | 10:1 Ratio
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Cordyceps sinensis, also known as “Caterpillar fungus,” is a parasitic fungus that grows on the larvae of certain caterpillar species. It has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine for its potential health benefits. Here are some key points about Cordyceps sinensis:

  • Energy and Stamina: Cordyceps sinensis is often touted for its potential to increase energy levels and enhance physical performance. It is believed to improve oxygen utilization, increase ATP production, and enhance the body’s endurance and stamina.
  • Immune System Support: Cordyceps sinensis is known for its immunomodulatory properties, meaning it can help regulate and strengthen the immune system. It may stimulate the production of immune cells, enhance the immune response, and support overall immune function.
  • Sexual Health and Fertility: Cordyceps sinensis has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac and to support sexual health. It may enhance libido, improve erectile function, and support reproductive health in both men and women.
  • Anti-aging and Anti-inflammatory Effects: Cordyceps sinensis contains bioactive compounds that exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help reduce oxidative stress, combat inflammation, and potentially contribute to anti-aging effects.
  • Kidney Health: Cordyceps sinensis has been associated with supporting kidney health. It may help improve kidney function, protect against kidney damage, and promote overall renal health.
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9 reviews for Cordyceps Sinesis Extract 50g | 10:1 Ratio

  1. BoatTube

    Value for money.

  2. Steven White

    Cordyceps was discovered when two musk ox were competing for a female to mate. It was found that these two musk ox were over forty years old. The normal age range for a musk ox is about thirty years old before dying. These two musk ox were in their mid forties and butting heads like youngsters.This strain of cordycep mushroom was found to be the reason for this amazing feat by these animals in this high altitude of Mongolia. It is also called the caterpillar mushroom.In the mid 90’s, I was a member of an MLM that dealt with Non-Toxic personal care products and one of a kind Health supplements. A MLM called NewWays, had the proprietary rights to sell cordyceps in the USA for two years with the permission of the Chinese Government. This is how I came to know about this mushroom and its properties. I was one of the first people in the USA or anywhere else in the World to use this amazing mushroom. Our MLM was an International MLM and this may have been the reason why the Chinese Government let NewWays handle the startup of this export. Now, this strain of mushroom is propagated in the USA and other Countries. This mushroom continues to be a bit of an unknown. Hopefully this review sheds some light into its early roots of cordyceps being distributed throughout the World.The “Now” company has a great price & I use this supplement because I can take two without breaking the bank. 750 mg is a large dose but each person can know if they are taking too much for their own body. I take two a day myself. Just make sure your blood pressure is not peaking too much when you work out.Jarrow has an excellent cordycep product but it is in a tab form. I feel that a cap will me more bioavailable to the body even though Jarrow does seem to break down from the experience I get with Jarrow. Jarrow is a low priced cordycep also. I actually think the Jarrow is better than the most expensive brands of cordyceps. NOW is great too because it is in capsule form. I only mention this because I see so many cordycep products that are very expensive and expensive doesn’t mean better from my experience of use.This supplement will build body mass or muscle mass for older people like a steroid without the side effects. It is a win win supplement to take for someone wanting to keep their body from losing muscle mass as they age. I find it easier to have more endurance and I am able to work out with more resistance as I did at an earlier age. I am staying away from using free weights. I feel that bench presses are one of the worst workout exercises to do because of the stress it puts on the spine between the shoulder blades. Doing dips and pull downs or pull ups will give the arms, trapezius muscles, and Latissimus Dorsi a full spectrum workout where the bench press is potentially harmful as I age. I feel that less stress on the spine between the shoulder blades should be considered in a workout regimen as a man ages.I also take Source naturals blue green algae and but I recently changed to Puritan Pride Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae because this supplement version is in capsules instead of tabs. Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae is a fantastic source for minerals that you must have as you work out because you lose minerals as you sweat or drink any type of alcoholic beverage. I bring this up because Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant that creates chelation in the blood. This means that minerals and toxins are removed from the body. So, sweating and using anti-oxidants creates a situation where proper minerals have to be resupplied to the body daily. Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae is an excellent natural source for this type of supplementation.Look up my review on Resveratrol to get a full detail review of my regimen. I have had about 30 years of experience in holistic supplements and non-toxic personal care products, sold them when the internet first formed, and I also run a website that take regimens to a new level that few know of. Search for to find out about adding gold and platinum colloids to your diet.Now is a great brand and I also take Jarrow but Now is as good as you need to take. You will know in about two months if this supplement is doing something for you. Work out for better results but this supplement alone will make you leaner and stronger.By the way…… quit consuming chicken and soy products if you are a male. These two foods are seen by the male body as Estrogen. This is counter productive when you are trying to increase Testosterone. Cordycepts, in my opinion & experinence with cordyceps, increases testosterone and blood flow. In other words, cordyceps makes you more virile as the Musk Ox were. I loved chicken but not that much now. These new supplements given for chickens to grow quicker for market are the reason for this estrogen problem for males eating chicken. Soy has always been this way. As of 2014, studies say Soy will make men seem gay or start to show effeminate traits. Estrogen is a female hormone. What male wants an abundance of or a weekly regimen of Estrogen in his bloodstream? Read the studies for yourself and draw your own conclusions.Try NOW cordyceps for your health. You don’t have to buy expensive cordyceps to get the same results. This is what I have found out.

  3. Jor ElJor El

    Cordyceps is used for strengthening your immune system, treat coughs, kidney disorders, high cholesterol and improving liver function. Also may be good for heart patients or keeping your heart healthy.I started taking this product several years ago for my immune system support and it has been great in “helping” keeping my cholesterol in the proper range. People use various supplements for varied reasons. I am on a lot of heart medications and they drain a lot of energy and vitamins in my body. So my pharmacist recommended this product as a good supplement and it really helped me feel much better. It helps in many ways, but I cant say for certain in what area. I just feel stronger & healthier when I take it. ( I even stopped it for 6 mos. so I can see the difference ).This brand is recognized as a very good one and well rated ( not just on Amazon ), and works well as advertised.

  4. Kamanasis

    A good product

  5. Barry A Weavers

    Easy to swallow capsules with consistent batch to batch quality.

  6. Clew

    I have been taking Cordyceps for almost a year if not a little longer and have noticed considerable benefits over time. I think in this product inline with a few other supplements have boosted my immune system as I haven’t had so much as cold since 2009. I have a very active lifestyle (Military, Crossfit, etc) and noticed my body recovers faster from the physical abuse of my lifestyle

  7. Alexandra

    Makes my stomach upset but it hrlps with energy!

  8. david dugan

    I have used the Cordyceps for 1 week straight and I feel a noticeable difference in my breathing sustainability in the high rep range particularly swinging kettle bells beyond the 30 rep range…So far so good….Thank You NOW……

  9. Equestrian Lady

    This product works exactly as advertised. Cordyceps has improved my energy more than any supplement I have ever tried and I have literally tried dozens.There are over 400 different species of the Cordyceps fungus available. This type was suggested to me by my Doctor of Chinese Medicine for Lupus.Lupus is a non-transmittable, auto-immune disease that can be very debilitating. Fatigue is a huge problem for people with autoimmunity. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the product for you. Cordyceps is it is not a temporary, quick acting stimulant like coffee. This supplement helps your body to make a long-term change in energy level.Although the benefits can be felt after a few days, this is not a product you can take to get you through a long day. Unlike caffeine or other stimulants, Cordyceps brings on a sort of a gradual increase in energy/mood/clarity. There is no feeling like that which comes with a double shot of espresso.Because of this gradual effect, there is no ‘come down’ when it ‘wears off’. Nor is there a jittery feeling when it ‘kicks in’. To me, I just realized one day that I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. It really feels as though my body is in it’s natural state, not altered by a chemical.If you are skeptical, there is a lot of research available about this fungi. Also, they have been using Cordyceps in Asia for thousands of years. If still not convinced, do a thirty day trial and see if you notice a gradual change in your energy or focus. You might be very happy you did.PROS:See above: It works, no side effects, no drug interactions, not expensive, a reliable-quality brand.CONS:Odor. All brands have a strong smell, this one is less offensive than others I have tried.Tablet size. They are a little on the larger side, but not unmanageable.PSBe sure this is best species of Cordyceps for your particular need.

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Cordyceps Sinesis Extract 50g | 10:1 Ratio